The first edition of this bilingual newspaper was made possible by a group called “Pour un meilleur Temiscaming”. Created thanks to the hard work of Ralph Francis, the committee consisted of Percy Brazeau, Charles Carpenter, Paul Benoît, Bill Clark, Aimé Dorval, Frank Dottori, Bryan Jones, Ross Sparling as well as Mr. Francis himself. During the summer of 1976, it was decided that the Association Communautaire de Témiscaming (A.C.T.) was to be stood up again after being dissolved in the wake of the closure of the C.I.P. mill. From this group, the newspaper committee was formed with Frank Dottori as president, Pierre Gaudet as vice president and Ralph Francis as secretary-treasurer.

In February 1977, Danielle Frenette (Gravelle), who was then secretary for the ACT and newly graduated in journalism, was then hired to be editor-in-chief, a position she held for the following 20 years.

Initially distributed free of charge, the newspaper eventually adopted a subscription model for an annual fee of 15 dollars.

Several issues were distributed before a name was adopted, thanks to a contest won by Claire Joly. While the fact that the name would be bilingual was one of the reasons behind her choice, she also picked the name Contact to represent the objective of the newspaper, which was to keep residents in contact with what was happening in their community. The first in a series of many logos was designed by Edgar Moreau.

This exhibit is meant to serve as an opportunity to rediscover the publication from the point of view of the editorial team’s journalistic approach.

Conception graphique et composition : Marie-Pier Valiquette

Traduction : Christian Rochon