At the Station Museum, we commit to:

  • Highlight the architectural heritage of the old Témiscaming station;
  • highlight the historical role of the station and the railway in the development of Temiscaming and the Témiscamingue region;
  • highlight the close links between the history of Temiscaming and the regional forest industry;
  • enhance the built heritage in Temiscaming and urban development concept of «Garden City»;
  • make the old station a place of community gathering.


The permanent exhibition of the Museum station:

  • presents the architectural features of the building and highlight the role played at the time by the railway station and the railway in the life of the community;
  • describes the historical development of the town of Temiscaming;
  • presents the history of the Temiscaming pulp mill;
  • presents a gallery of the main characters that have marked the development of Temiscaming;
  • integrates the technical instruments used at the time to check the quality of the dough.