Imogen Clendinning

Imogen Clendinning is an emerging visual artist, facilitator and music events co-ordinator currently working out of the White Water Gallery in North Bay, Ontario. Her practice has been influenced by dead tech and old media, her environments in Northern Ontario, as well as, constructions of memory and nostalgia. In her current body of work Clendinning is probing her own history with home and where she grew up. Further, this work seeks to dissect the ways in which her own history differs from that of her peer and contemporary, Steven Kudla. Together their work explores differing understandings of their neighbourhood in North Bay, Ontario. What characterizes Pinewood? And, how are these characterizations different from one another?

Seven Kudla

Surreallism can be described as a journey into the subconcious mind , a creative exploration of line, shape and color to create a composition as seen by the artist. Conveying emotional meaning and sentimental feeling through art, is where the « magic » of artistry occurs. Using scenes taken from dreams, reality, writings and photographs, my work is highly inspired by Skateboarding culture, Northern Ontario life and a myriad of contemporary influences. By using very intricate details, Symbolism and encrypted messaging, my work is a literal attempt to encapsulate the viewers attention and emotion; an open invitation into my creative space, if you have the patience and interest to view and decipher it. Using mixed inks and watercolor primarily, my work is very reflective of classical Illustrative art; with a surreal/abstract twist.